New Law Promotes the Use of Sign Language

January 22nd 2021

Today was published in the Official Gazette Law No. 21.303, which amends Law No. 20.422, which establishes rules on equal opportunities and social inclusion of persons with disabilities, to promote the use of sign language. The new law states that Chilean Sign Language is the natural, native language and intangible heritage of deaf people, as well as the essential element of their individual and collective culture and identity. In addition, the new law adds that the State recognizes its status as the official language of deaf people. Finally, it is important to note that according to the text of the new law, the State recognizes and undertakes to promote, respect and enforce, in accordance with the Constitution, laws and international treaties ratified by Chile and in force, the cultural and linguistic rights of deaf people, ensuring them access to public and private services, education, labor market, health and other areas of life in society in sign language.