Our Values


We are highly adaptable to the changes and needs of our clients, as we have a serious, committed, dynamic and flexible organizational structure.


For us it is essential to maintain a real, effective and efficient commitment with our clients needs and interests and with each member of our team.


We respect differences and diversity in every sense and we value the inclusion and respect for non-discrimination.


We understand how relevant is harmony and coherence between different things and, of course, in legal services.


We employ the highest quality ethic and good professional practice standards, acting with honesty, caution and loyalty, fully respecting the professional secrecy.


In Garcia Parot we seek to permanently give an outstanding service to our clients, so we employ high quality standards, we demand a high professional level and use first-level technologies to support our management.


We deeply believe that new technologies and innovation are a major contribution to bring a high level service, so we are permanently making adjustments and improvements to our job and, we are constantly incorporating the new technologies.


In Garcia Parot we know that the best results are obtained thanks to the teamwork, in which each one contributes with knowledge and experience to the common objective, in a collaborative, respectful and reliable environment.


We know that this is one of the fundamental principles which explains the trust of our clients, so we are permanently placing at their disposal all the relevant information about the issues we are requested to accomplish.